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Revenant Jade
I can't draw anything even if my life depended on it but I do know how to use a scanner, camera and photoshop editor program so I can take pictures of my pets, collection or old works. I don't come here often because I am only stopping by in order to shop for art commissions to buy for my friends as thank you gifts. I hate my job however I make a lot of money to spend impulsively. I have a strong tendency to favor gore and MK fatalities but I do buy other kind of stuff for my perverted friends.

Mature Content

Vega gives Ken the claw by ShinigamiSenshi

Lately I've seen a lot of great yaoi fanart all over DeviantArt to make any fangirl's dream come true that I've started to develop a lot of favorite yaoi pairings for Vega but I won't mention it here as I don't want Vega to come over and murder me.

Mature Content

Subzero mk fatality by ShinigamiSenshi

Me and a bunch of friends own a personal non-commercial Street Fighter fansite and any commission that I buy that may be added up there will have the artist given 100% credit to and a link back to their site/DeviantArt profile.


Someone was asking and telling me that I should post all the pictures that I buy from various artists here and that if I don't it might be considered rude or give the impression that I don't like what was bought/made. That is definitely not the case because all the pictures that I buy from all the great artists here I am absolutely in love with. The pictures that I buy are all requests from my friends and they don't come to DeviantArt at all so I don't see the point. I have the pictures added up on our fansite although my admins are slow with updating. If I upset anyone then I am sorry.

Also we are like the Anti-cannon and like/support the unique couples which does include Ryu/Chun-Li, Ryu/Sakura, Ryu/Ken, Vega/Chun-Li and Dan/with any man. I don't see any real true official pairings in Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter because they are too busy fighting or trying to kill each other. In the near future we are going to have strong hentai comics, from my favorite artists, made of those couples however that will definitely be done off DeviantArt because it is very NSFW but full of laughs and offensive yaoi comedy.
I am looking for another comic artist to draw video game/anime characters in a hentai, mild yaoi or mild gore theme. My friend has a bunch of scripts and I am looking for different artists to have them done. My budget is $40 - $80 per page because I buy a lot of commissions for free/gift purposes on our non-commercial fansite. I can only pay using Paypal and I prefer if the artists can have a style like this:

Street Fighter Comic Commission by ShinigamiSenshi

Thanks to anyone who can offer to help us.
Street Fighter 5 is finally out. It looks and plays really great but I wish they had more playable characters and a lot of the fighters do not look as sexy as they did before. Why does Vega have a shirt on now? Why won't Ryu shave though I do appreciate him showing off his hot shirtless body.
I've just downloaded and played the MKX mobile game on my phone but is not that great.  A lot of characters are missing and there are not enough fatalities or blood and guts. Now they are announcing Leatherface for the DLC which I have mixed feelings about all I know is that he better put that chainsaw to a good use. I am waiting for my friends to send an updated list for commissions to purchase and it looks like that I need to find more gore artists.
Dan's search by ShinigamiSenshi
Dan's search
I remember this funny old picture that we had in the old teatime special of Dan acting gay in his quest for Vega. Back in the old days I was still in school with no money but now I have a good job and an even more perverted script writer to help me out.


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Thanks for the watch!

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Ever by chance read the Street Fighter 2 Hong King Manhua with Ken's conclict with Vega? I read it on an chinese website before since I saw your Vega picture...
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Merry Christmas :)
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Thank you for adding me as your friend. =D
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Thanks for the watch Shinigami Senshi! :hug:

BTW, I'm currently offering commissions; if you're curious you can take a peek here! ;D :heart:
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thanks you so much for adding me to your deviantwatch, I really appreciate that you like my art ><! <3
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Thanks for joining the :iconclub-street-fighter: Club


I wish you have lots of fun here, feel free to post your Street fighter work in our gallery, (remember to choose the right folder to place your work in :P)


Be sure you put the club icon in your journal to help spread the word! :handshake:


:bulletred: Art Submissions :bulletred:

When submitting your art for approval, please make sure it's in the proper folder.

For example, if your art is uncoloured or is unfinished, submit it under Line Art and Sketches, no matter how many characters it contains.


If it is coloured AND finished, then submit it to the character's folder, unless it fits one of the following criteria:

:bulletred: Contains multiple characters (then it goes under Group of Two or however many other characters it contains)

:bulletred: Contains multiple females (then it goes under Femme Fatale Group)

:bulletred: Is not drawn, but is of someone wearing a character's costume (then it goes under Cosplay)

:bulletred: Is a model or skin for a Street Fighter game (then it goes under Street Fighter Game Artwork)

:bulletred: Contains a character from Street Fighter and a character or characters from another franchise or franchises (then it goes under Street Fighter Crossover)


Any artwork placed in the incorrect folder will be delayed for authorisation by us and it could also be denied!


Thanks for joining  the club!!! :D


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